100% Detergent-free, Cruelty Free, and Guilt Free!.You have to get clean, but no one says you can't enjoy the experience. Our soaps are designed and formulated with a plethora of natural ingredients; a combination gentle on your skin and ethically-sourced. But we didn't stop there! Indulge from many combinations of essential oils, salts, clay, and floral extracts that helps moisturize, and revive dull, tired skin. Experienced a luxurious lather and aroma that are naturally indulgent, relaxing and calming, bright and invigorating, fresh and clean, whatever your desired scent experience, you'll find something you love. Handmade and natural soaps that benefit your skin and awakens your senses!.... What more could anyone want?

  • Shave Soap All-Natural Handmade and Builds Lather Easily.





    This luxurious shaving soap works up into a thick and creamy lather for shaving.  The lather is long lasting, helps to soften the beard for a more comfortable shave, and lubricates the face nicely to allow the razor to glide smoothly across your...