The Benefits of Handmade Lavender Soap

Posted by Stephanie Alexander on 28th Nov 2022

The Benefits of Handmade Lavender Soap

Used for centuries, lavender remains a powerful herb that can be used in a wide variety of ways to benefit every part of the body—but, to fully understand lavender’s benefits when used in handmade lavender soap , we must first talk about what makes this herb such a positive addition to any health regimen.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Is there anything more beautiful than a seemingly endless field with lavender stalks swaying in the wind? There’s no doubt that lavender looks absolutely stunning simply growing in the wild, but there’s much more to this herb than meets the eye.

Lavender flowers are edible and can make a gorgeous garnish for summer salads, cakes, and other goodies. However, its flowers can also be processed in other ways. When dried, lavender flowers can be used in potpourri or as part of homemade wreaths to infuse our homes with a gentle and chemical-free fragrance. Dried lavender can also be consumed as a tea.

Through the process of steam distillation, the oil from lavender flowers can be extracted. This essential oil offers lavender’s benefits in a highly concentrated form. Incidentally, lavender oil is used to make the best lavender bar soaps.

The Health Benefits of Lavender

Lavender can be consumed and enjoyed in lots of different ways, but its benefits don’t end there; in fact, that’s just where they begin! This gentle-smelling and beautiful-looking herb is a powerful calming and healing plant that’s been used by every culture in every corner of the world for thousands of years for pain and inflammation reduction and many other purposes.

Lavender as a Balancer

When too many “bad” bacteria exist in the digestive system, bloating, pain, and indigestion can be the result. Lavender, when consumed in a meal or as a tea, can help restore bacteria balance by eliminating the overgrowth of bad bacteria and the uncomfortable symptoms it can cause.

Lavender as a Nutrient

Lavender also contains lots of phytonutrients that offer a host of health benefits, including protecting us from disease and boosting our immune systems. Culinary lavender can be sprinkled onto salads or into soups and other side and main dishes for a delicious and health-improving experience.

Lavender as a Pain Reliever

Those experiencing muscle, joint, back, or similar kinds of pain can get relief from lavender, thanks to its analgesic properties. Just a small amount of lavender essential oil, applied to areas of the skin where pain is felt, is all that’s needed to experience relief. Lavender essential oil has also been successfully used to relieve headaches when applied topically to painful areas.

Lavender as a Calmer

Studies have shown that lavender can lower elevated blood pressure, so it has been used in the treatment of hypertension. Lavender soap benefits include stress relief when used as part of a relaxing shower or bath. At bedtime, this herb can improve your overall quality of sleep by reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and helping you stay asleep for longer.

Lavender as a Healer

In addition to its analgesic properties, lavender is also well-known for its antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. All of these make lavender an ideal ingredient for topical products like hand cream, shampoo, and soap. Lavender applied to the scalp has been shown to reduce or eliminate dandruff and the itching it causes, and it can also relieve itching from insect bites. This herb can even support the health of hair follicles to reverse hair loss!

When its vapors are inhaled, lavender can calm inflammation in the respiratory tract and help to eliminate throat infection, bronchitis, and sinus congestion. This ability to calm can also help to relieve asthma and whooping cough.

Used in the form of soap and hand cream, lavender has been shown to relieve redness and itchiness in sensitive skin. Acne and eczema sufferers can also benefit from this herb’s antibacterial properties when using lavender soap for acne. This soap can reduce acne-causing bacteria and relieve dry skin that cause itching. Many natural hand sanitizers include this herb for the safe elimination of bacteria and viruses without chemicals, and it is also ideal for healing cuts.

So Why Use Lavender Soap?

A Lavender & Cedar soap bar from LELU Soap Lab

There are many reasons to bring lavender soap into your home.

Great for All Ages

It’s a natural ingredient that’s among the safest, making it great for the whole family to use. Kids with a lot of energy can enjoy the calming benefits of lavender during a before-bedtime bath bar. If stress, cold air, or a condition like acne is causing you to feel itchiness and tightness in your skin, lavender soap can help to moisturize, relieve, and refresh, thanks to its rich and creamy lather.

Other lavender soap benefits for face and body include the ability to treat acne and other skin conditions naturally. As well, this type of herb-infused soap can help rejuvenate the look of skin. Its natural toning properties can help restore the skin’s youthful glow.

Transforms Your Bath into a Spa

With the right high-quality product, you can get all of the restorative and pampering benefits of a spa without the high cost. The best products will offer the ideal balance of healing and calming.

Lavender and other moisturizing ingredients like shea and cocoa butter, coconut, olive, and sunflower oil provide that rich and creamy lather that helps your skin hold moisture. With the added beneficial properties of cedarwood oil, your skin can get that luxuriously smooth and refreshed look and feel with a lasting but mild natural fragrance.

Other Ways to Get the Benefits of Lavender on the Skin

Lavender soap for washing hands and bathing is a beautiful thing, and you can also enjoy its benefits by using it in other forms. For example, a bath-bomb that combines lavender with Epsom salts and other restorative ingredients like clay and witch hazel can help to relax the muscles, promote detoxification of the skin, and help you feel re-energized.

By combining lavender with other calming and healing oils like geranium and chamomile, and blending it with pink Himalayan salt in a bubble bar, you can safely detoxify and calm your skin as you relax in a sea of beautiful bubbles.

When you want to exfoliate your skin, gentle is best. Himalayan salt scrub soap combined with nourishing oils, including castor and sweet almond, moisturizes as it exfoliates, while lavender provides the calming benefits. The salt also acts as a detoxifier, drawing out toxins and dirt that can clog pores. The result? Revitalized, healthier skin that’s soft and silky smooth.

A Calm My Day bath bomb, made from lavender, from LELU Soap Lab

Clean and Natural Is the Key

When it comes to choosing the right soap, bath-bomb, or other lavender-containing product for your home, the best place to begin is to look at the ingredients. A product that’s made with ingredients that are not only safe, clean, and beneficial for the skin, but that also won’t harm the environment, is the best one to choose.

At the LELU Soap Lab, our passion for natural substances and a healthy lifestyle has allowed us to create soaps, bath fizzies, bath bombs, and bubble bars with only the highest-quality herbs, oils, and other ethically sourced ingredients. Because we don’t use detergents or test any of our formulations on animals, you can be assured that every bath experience is guilt- and cruelty-free, and that your overall health and wellbeing will get a boost each time you use them.

If you’re ready to experience smooth and moisturized skin with the added benefit of clean and natural ingredients, there are two ways to do so. Browse our selection of homemade lavender soap and other products online.

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